Company Structure

Mētis Construction is a community of highly skilled and motivated craftspeople who have come together to form a worker owned and controlled company.  It is our goal to create and maintain a structure that will remain in place for future generations of craftspeople; a structure that promotes the practice and teaching of the trades and the fostering of craftsmanship; a structure that facilitates worker ownership and hence promotes the financial viability of the trades as a career choice.  We hope to provide an alternative model to that which dominates the marketplace and leads to the alienation of individuals from the products of their labor, the people with whom they work, the people for whom they produce, and the natural world.

To this end, we have converted Mētis Construction Inc. to a worker-owned and controlled company; a company guided by the idea of the triple bottom line in both its operations and governance.  Mētis is held by a worker ownership trust that ensures ongoing adherence to the values on which Mētis was founded.  The Mētis Trust Agreement provides for a path to ownership for any employee who pursues a career with Mētis. Further, the Mētis Trust Agreement is structured to prevent any individual or group from profiting from the sale of the company thus ensuring worker ownership of the company in perpetuity.  Hourly wages at Mētis are based on skill level, productivity and experience.  Annual profits are distributed solely based on hours worked.


Mētis Statement on Equity and Social Justice

Mētis is committed to exploring the ways in which racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, ageism, and other forms of discrimination operate consciously and unconsciously to shape and limit the social and economic worlds we inhabit.  We believe that implicit bias plays an even more profound role than explicit bias when it comes to discriminatory behavior; we believe that structural bias underwrites inequality.


In light of this, we believe that it is not enough to passively condemn racism, sexism, classism, and other forms of bias; we believe that it is incumbent upon all of us to take an active stance against discrimination in its many forms.  We will be anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-classist, anti-homophobic, anti-transphobic, anti-ableist, anti-ageist, and anti-discrimination in the broadest possible sense.

The people behind the work…

Andrew Madden

Bailey White

Ben Frey-Booth

Brian McCormick

Cheng Cooper

Drew Mohr

Gabe Stern

Gabrielle Tousignant

Grant Eckman

Grant Glover

Ian Dugas

Jeff Taipale

Jen Cousineau

Jesse Cummins

Joe Mckay

John Fitzgerald

Jon Rasnic

Josh Anderson

Keenan Collins

Ludo Secretant

Matthias Scheiblehner

Michael DuDash

Michael Wells

Mike Murphy

Mikel Palmer

Nils Christian

Parker Eberhard

Perry Hohlstein

Phil Showstead

Rebecca Sherr Christian

Sarah Kautz

Sebastian Kimura

Tom Hall

Job Openings

  • There are no employment opportunities at this time. Please check back!

Who We Work With

  • Andrea Dobihal - Brass Tacks Northwest
  • Bike Works
  • Bosworth Hoedemaker Architects
  • Brandon Pettit - Dino Tomato Pie
  • Cloudburst Brewing
  • Elysian Brewing
  • Ericka Burke - Chop Shop, Canal Market
  • Evolution Projects - Developer
  • Graham Baba Architects
  • Heather & Scott Staples - Feed Co. Burgers
  • Heliotrope Architects
  • Hello Robin Cookies
  • Huxley Wallace Collective - Great State Burgers, St Helen's Cafe
  • James Weimann & Deming Maclise
  • Jennifer Dixon - Artist
  • Joe Bisaca
  • Julian Hagood - Harry's Fine Food
  • Lora Hammersmith Design
  • Makini Howell - Sugar Plum
  • Molly Moon Ice Cream
  • Olson Kundig Architects
  • Optimism Brewing
  • Revolve Development
  • Shannon Loew - Form in Context
  • Sher Partners Developers
  • Stockbox Grocery
  • Strata Architects
  • Thomas Soukakos - Omega Ouzeri
  • Urban Visions - Developer