Process: Stoneburner

A build-out in a brand new space – a different set of challenges…

On the Stoneburner Project, Metis worked closely with James and Deming to transform the concrete shell of the new building into an authentic feeling Italian restaurant replete with wood, tile, and iron elements. The transformation started with the fabrication of the steel stud ribs that form the skeleton of the barrel vault ceiling that greets people as they enter the space.
Next came installation of the steel stud ribs...
The completed barrel vault ceiling.
A radiused curtain wall was fabricated using reclaimed wire safety glass. This wall both defined the pizza prep area and added visual interest to the space.
Dressing up the concrete columns involved the fabrication of poplar rings.
Lots of rings....
The nested and stepped radiused elements add cost to the project but contribute to a sense that the space is from another time and place.
The fluted panels at the base of the columns provide a unique twist on the more standard raised panel detail.
Almost finished... The column panel detailing with an arch spanning between columns.
A finished column
When it came to designing the booth seating the challenge was to design something that both recalled another time and place while at the same time feeling fresh and new. The Stoneburner booth design started from a photo of an overstuffed chair with a triple knuckle detail that Deming had taken. Adding a concave element to the end panel dispelled any sense that the knuckle detail had simply been applied to a sheet good and gave the booth seating a distinctly organic feel.
The booth end panels were shaped from solid sawn poplar relatively quickly and easily using the ever versatile chainsaw. A 28" bar ensured the consistency of the gentle concavity of the end panels and tape protected finished surfaces from bar oil.
The completed end panels have a tactile quality that invites touch. The importance of the role of the tactile in good design and craftsmanship is far too often underestimated...