Elysian Bar

Downtown Seattle

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Client – Elysian Brewing
Year – 2014
Status – Completed
  • Grant Eckman
  • Brian McCormick
  • Ian Dugas
  • Jeff Taipale
  • Luther Chatel
  • Matthew Hunsberger
  • Nils Christian
  • Pat MacGregor
  • Patrick McKnight
  • Phil Showstead
  • Tom McKnight
  • Zach Wentzel

The Elysian Bar was realized in collaboration with Joe Bisaca of Elysian Brewing, Amoreena Miller of Strata Architects, and Liz Fekete of Frank Engineering.  Special thanks to My PhD Plumbing, CFM Mechanical, and Redsoul metal fabrication.


Now Open: The Beautiful Elysian Bar in Downtown Seattle. The highly anticipated Elysian Bar launched late last week, with an ambitious, elevated gastropub menu created by chef Andrew Gribas, last seen at Volterra in Kirkland. Bartending legend Murray Stenson – formerly of Zig Zag, Canon and, most recently, Il Bistro – helms the bar. The space is absolutely gorgeous, a two-level venue with a cool brick wall that dates way back and a dramatic drop-down chandelier casting a warm glow on the ground floor. Cozy two-and-four tops give the mezzanine an intimate feel. It’s smack in the heart of Downtown Seattle, just a block from Pike Place Market, in a space that used to be home to a dance club. On our first visit, the wooden barstools at the 12-ft. long, well-stocked bar were almost all filled up. But we squeezed in, and the legendary cocktails from Murray were spot-on.

— Zagat.com

The brand new Elysian Bar is now serving cocktails in a stylish space on Second Ave. The grown-up sibling to Elysian’s unfussy brew pubs in Capitol Hill, SoDo, and Tangletown got its fair share of buzz after announcing that Mr. Murray Stenson is working some weeknight shifts behind the bar. Built around a winding staircase, the long narrow room includes exposed bricks and a row of throwback half moon booths. The dinner menu is just as classic: New York strip, braised pork shank, and lamb are offered at special occasion prices.

— Seattle Eater

The space is absolutely gorgeous…


Elysian Bar

The Elysian Bar is located in the old Columbia Building.  Built in 1906, the building was renamed the Chromer Building in 2013.  In the past, the space housing the Elysian Bar was the home of the Noc Noc and, before that, The Art Bar.  The mezzanine to the rear of the space was the original location of Amazon.  The space itself is long and narrow and features high ceilings, old brick, and heavy timbers.  Mētis worked closely with Joe Bisaca of Elysian Brewing to develop a design that included Art Deco accents, a backlit honeycomb onyx bar, and a curving staircase that spirals up and into a curved mezzanine.

Photos by Suzi Pratt