Great State Burger Third Avenue

Downtown Seattle

  • Burger Window


Client – Huxley Wallace Collective
Year – 2017
Era – 442 sq ft
  • Andrew Madden
  • Matthew Sims
  • Cheng Cooper
  • Josh Anderson
  • Jeff Parmenter
  • Sebastian Kimura
  • Sarah Kautz

Great State Burger Third Avenue was realized in collaboration with Huxley Wallace Collective and Best Practice Architecture and Design. Special thanks to Evergreen Electrical, Parker Services, CFM Heating and Cooling, Pacific Sheet Metal and Fabrications, Armorclad, Quantum Windows, and Snyder Roofing.


This Great State Burger will be a walkup window only, so no lingering over the grass-finished beef burgers here—or the golden crinkle fries and Parfait Ice Cream milkshakes. While it may lack in seating, the menu will remain the same and offer downtown’s lunchgoing crowd a place to grab a quick yet satisfying bite.

It’s slated to open in the first week of December, like an early holiday gift in the form of burgers.

— Seattle Met

How about this: if the Pacific Northwest had its own In-N-Out-style place, with neat touches like a Jones Soda machine and a giant high ceiling with a big swath of wood, this is it. And the burger, like In-N-Out, is griddled and thin, with a great bun perfectly toasted, and the most tangy American cheese I’ve ever had — it was almost like a spreadable cheese, and it was delicious. It is just a great all-around fast-casual burger.

— Thrillist

Oh happy day—good word of another Great State Burger has come.

Seattle Met
Photos by Ed Sozinho