Kati Vegan Thai

South Lake Union

  • Restaurant


Client – Abe Pralle & Fon Spaulding
Year – 2017
Status – Completed
Era – 1464 sq ft
  • Phil Showstead
  • David (DJ) Fleming
  • Joe Mckay
  • Josh Anderson
  • Elijah Gelb
  • Ian Dugas
  • Sarah Kautz
  • Sebastian Kimura

Kati Vegan Thai was realized in collaboration with Abe Pralle, Fon Spaulding & goCstudios. Special thanks to Exact Electric, Five Star Plumbing, CFM Heating and Cooling, Anvil House, Andrew Spaulding, Armorclad, Northwest Elements and RP Painting and Drywall.


The space itself, with a prominent bar at one end, is not the typical sterile, fast-casual breed of Thai restaurants that have become familiar. Instead, it has a modern, inviting décor, with high ceilings exposing ductwork, blonde wood, ambient lighting, an open kitchen, and punctuations of yellow via the dishware and napkins.

— Seattle Weekly

Enjoy the delicious creations of Fon Spaulding and her team at Kati Vegan Thai.

“Perfect does not have to be complicated!”

Fon Spaulding

The space at Kati Thai is warm and airy for the lunch crowd; yet it transforms into a chic, intimate and stylish bar for those looking to enjoy the restaurant in the evening for dinner or drinks.