Molly Moon’s Store Remodels


    Client – Molly Moon Ice Cream
    Year – 2015
    Status – Completed
    • Matthew Hunsberger
    • Andrew Madden
    • Tom Hall
    • Ludo Secretant
    • Matthew Sims

    The Molly Moon remodels were realized in collaboration with Molly Moon, Kristina Mcdonnell & James Moes of Molly Moon Ice Cream and Jim Graham and Lauren Strang of Graham Baba Architects.

    Molly Moon’s… The ever-popular Seattle chain of modern-rustic ice cream shops…

    Seattle Magazine

    Or is it the ice cream...

    The new merchandise walls at Molly Moon shops across Seattle feature a peg board and dowel merchandising system and custom made wood boxes that act variously as clothing displays, shelving supports, sign supports, knick knack displays, etc., all the while maintaining the requisite degree of playfulness.  Clean and crisp, friendly and inviting, Molly Moon Ice Cream shops somehow manage to appeal across generations… or is it the ice cream…