Omega Ouzeri

Capitol Hill

  • Restaurant


Client – Thomas Soukakos
Year – 2015
Status – Completed
  • Sebastian Kimura
  • Andrew Madden
  • Brian McCormick
  • Gabe Stern
  • Grant Eckman
  • Jeff Taipale
  • Josh Anderson
  • Matthew Hunsberger
  • Pat MacGregor
  • Phil Showstead
  • Tom Hall

The Omega Ouzeri build-out was realized in collaboration with Thomas and Rebecca Soukakos, Amoreena Miller and Shelby Hart of Strata Architects, and Liz Fekete of Frank Engineering.  Special thanks to Kemly Electric, Total Plumbing, CFM Mechanical, B&E Insulation, SB Concrete, Tilestone Designs, Chris McMullen Productions, and K&A Painting.


One of our customers told me that being in here almost made them feel like their toes were in the warm sands of Greece,’ Omega Ouzeri Owner Thomas Soukakos said, smiling, when I visited his new Capitol Hill restaurant. ‘It makes me feel good to make people happy.’ I understand what that customer meant. Even though I visited Omega Ouzeri on a cold and rainy Seattle day, the restaurant’s warm blues and sand-colored decorative touches immediately made me feel like I’d been transported somewhere sunny and warm. Add in the festive music, fresh fish on display and tons of Greek liquors behind the bar, and it truly feels like an authentic Greek dining experience.


Omega Ouzeri, named for the last letter of the Greek alphabet, is intended to be the ultimate expression of the Greek experience that Soukakos enjoys on annual visits to his homeland. Designers there helped create the restaurant’s clean, contemporary look. Wooden banquettes are painted white. Honey-hued tabletops are bare. A bar and open kitchen run along the back wall, below a well-appointed loft for private parties. Sliding front windows invite in the summer breeze. The restaurant is a very personal expression as well. A dreamlike, misty blue mural on one wall evokes a seaside village with a scene that includes a young boy fishing, representing the chef’s teenage son, Alexander. Stenciled on the opposite wall are lines from Constantine Cavafy’s poem “Ithaka.” Its message: in life the journey may hold more rewards than the destination.

— Seattle Times

The result is Omega Ouzeri (pronounced “Oo-zari”), an airy, sophisticated space where white walls set off hand-painted blue and white tiles and sturdy chairs painted the brilliant blue hue of the Greek flag. Well-behaved children are still welcome, but Omega’s atmosphere leans much more toward date nights and groups of well-heeled friends toasting occasions with ouzo and cocktails, all of which incorporate traditional Greek liqueurs.


Designed by Strata Architects and built by Metis Construction, the restaurant in the REO Flats development is huge at 110 tables, two bars, an open kitchen, and a mezzanine . . . Thomas said he and Rebecca were traveling a few years ago in Greece, talking about his dream project. He says she told him that day that, in two years, he could create Omega. This week, he’s ready for his friends — and everybody else — to enjoy it. ‘Finally, Capitol Hill has its own real Greek restaurant,’ Soukakos said.


The taste and feel of Greece...

Thomas Soukakos, the restaurateur behind the successful Vios Greek restaurants on Capitol Hill and in Ravenna, set out to do something very different with his new Capitol Hill location.  Whereas the twin Vios locations are both child friendly establishments with a strongly northwest aesthetic, Thomas envisioned Omega Ouzeri as a sophisticated space catering to a primarily adult clientele.  Omega has a distinctly Greek feel with a color palate that takes its cue from the blue and white of the Greek flag.  A traditional Greek aesthetic is manifested in geometric motifs that recur throughout the space, finding their strongest expression in a custom wine rack designed in collaboration with Thomas and Amoreena of Strata Architects and fabricated in the Mētis shop.

Photos by Suzi Pratt