Podowski Garage / Studio

Seward Park, Seattle


    Client – Mike Podowski and Jill Berkey
    Year – 2009
    Status – Completed
    • Matthias Scheiblehner
    • Luther Chatel
    • Tom McKnight

    The Podowski Garage / Studio project was realized in collaboration with Mike Podowski, Jill Berkey, and Jim Graham of Graham Baba Architects.

    A Modern Garage/Work Space

    Mētis worked with Mike and Jill on a number of home improvement projects over the course of several years.  The house, which sits toward the front of the lot, started out as a single story cinder block (CMU) war box but was given a distinctly modern look when a second story was added in 2004.  Behind the house is a small but beautifully designed and kept backyard space that is bounded by the property line on two sides and the house and the garage on the other two sides.   The backyard space is welcoming and, given the proximity of the neighbors, has a surprisingly secluded feel.  When it came time to replace the old garage with a larger building that could serve both as garage and art/work space, the challenge was to match the modern feel of the house while at the same time building something that added to the feel of the backyard space.  A mix of hardiplank siding, red cedar, and custom fabricated aluminum struts proved a perfect compliment to the inviting simplicity of the backyard space Mike and Jill had created.