Tacos Chukis

South Lake Union

  • Taqueira


Client – Roberto Salmerón
Year – 2016
Status – Completed
Era – 1,672 sq ft
  • Pat MacGregor
  • Jordan Garnee
  • Matthew Sims
  • Ben Frey-Booth
  • James Jennings

Tacos Chukis was realized in collaboration with Roberto Salmerón and Graham Baba Architects. Special thanks to Performance Mechanical, Power Solutions Electric, and Total Plumbing.


The new location is a big change for Tacos Chukis, splashier and much easier to find than the Capitol Hill original, which is hidden at the back of the second floor of the dingy Broadway Alley building without a sign or sandwich board to indicate the restaurant’s presence.

— Seattle Eater

Whatever potential drawbacks the original location has — a small kitchen, no street visibility, no signage — the new South Lake Union location is the complete opposite. It’s located under a brand-new apartment complex and surrounded by large windows on two sides.

For Salmerón, the decision to open another location was a no-brainer. The unexpected growth of the original — and recent popularity — has propelled the cramped restaurant into the spotlight. But transferring the unique vibe of the Capitol Hill location to the new space was a major concern.

“I was definitely worried about that [the vibe] aspect,” he said. “But this new spot is going to let me do what I sought from the beginning. It’s definitely not going to be the same, but I think we can put out something that works.”

— Thrillist

It’s going to be the same concept but a little more polished…

Roberto Salmerón
Photos By Suzi Pratt