Trail House Building: Shell & Core



    Client – Sher Partners
    Year – 2016
    Status – Completed
    • Sebastian Kimura
    • Andrew Madden
    • Ben Duncan
    • Ben Frey-Booth
    • Brian McCormick
    • Cheng Cooper
    • David Nguyen
    • Gabe Stern
    • Ian Dugas
    • Jacob Landry
    • Jeff Taipale
    • Joe Mckay
    • Jon Rasnic
    • Josh Anderson
    • Ludo Secretant
    • Matthew Sims
    • Pat MacGregor
    • Phil Showstead
    • Tom Hall

    The Trail House building was built in collaboration with Ron Sher of Sher Partners, Peter Womble of Womble Corp, Mike Whalen (architect), and Shannon Loew of FIX.  Special thanks to Northstar Electric, Pied Piper Plumbing, CFM Mechanical, Sound Roofing, Armorclad, Eurocraft and NW Elements.

    SEATTLE WA DEC 09 2015 METIS Construction Job Sites for 2015. (Photos Copyright Kevin Casey).