Vanderburg Addition

Beacon Hill


    Client – Julie and Brad Vanderburg
    Year – 2009
    Status – Completed
    • Matthias Scheiblehner
    • Brian McCormick
    • Matthew Hunsberger
    • Seth McCoy
    • Tom McKnight

    The Vanderburg Addition was realized in collaboration with Julie and Brad Vanderburg and Jeffrey Woodward of The Architecture Department.  Special thanks to David Robinson of Power Solutions Electric, Greg Jensen of Jensen Plumbing, and Pete Giere of Horizon Roofing.

    An Addition that Embraces Original Design and Change

    When Julie and Brad Vanderburg decided to add on to their Tudor home in Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood, they faced a decision that is common to many home remodels and additions – to embrace the geometry and feel of the original design (in this case Tudor Revival) or to sacrifice the feel of the original design in favor of a roomier but boxier feel?  In Brad and Julie’s case, they opted for the former – this decision resulted in a new master bedroom featuring dramatic lines that ascend from each corner of the room to a single central point from which a striking pendant light hangs and a master bath that includes a tub neatly nestled in the space of a singe dormer.  However, when it came time to discuss how best to seamlessly blend old work and new, Brad and Julie opted instead to highlight the transition between the two.  The strong contrast between the patinated old wood of the original and the new wood of the addition tells the story of the house to any who visit.